contemporary dance

Emotions in Motion
Contemporary Dance

Dancing, Teaching and Choreography
by Rita Aozane Bilibio and Damian Gmuer

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The Artists

Rita Aozane Bilibio and Damian Gmuer have long term experiences in performing, teaching workshops & courses for modern/contemporary dance as well as work as choreographer.

Teaching Activities

Rita and Damian both are teaching internationally - professional dance companies as well as dance classes and workshops for all kind of levels. For who is interested to get a taste, look out for one of the upcoming open workshops.

Besides the open workshops Rita teaches as a steady member of the artistic faculty at the Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden. Damian is teaching regularly evening classes at Tanzhaus nrw in Düsseldorf.

Creating & Performing Activities

Actual projects created or performed by Rita and/or Damian

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